The Benefits of Asian Sourcing With Less Risk

Why do we source in Asia?

Global Sourcing Solutions has been successfully building components that meet customer specifications since 1984. Whether you are looking for injection molding, wire harnesses, LEDs, micro bulbs, castings, metal fabrication, PCBs, or extrusions, Global Sourcing Solutions can help. Make Global Sourcing Solutions your source for all of your part and assemblies needs. We have maintained long-term relationships with a network of ISO 9002 or TS-16949 certified manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Thailand. We understand how to get business done in Asia, in order to keep your just-in-time supply chain moving on schedule.

There are many reason companies will source products from Asia. Some are based on cost and others are based on proximity to their market or the availability of technology. Sourcing in Asia can substantially reduce your costs. Determining if it’s right for you depends on many factors: technology, labor costs, materials and lead-times can all play a role. We’ll help you determine if Asian sourcing is a sensible, low-cost alternative for your project.

Asian sourcing done right.

Sourcing in Asia reduces cost and enhances your ability to compete. But as many companies have discovered, it’s not as easy as you would think. It takes years to develop good relationships with the factories, to understand how things work, and how to get your product from concept to deliverable. Asian sourcing also requires a deep understanding of cultural differences and how business is conducted. After over 25 years of building relationships in China, Global Sourcing Solutions can make Asian sourcing work well for you.

Reduce overhead cost.

If you’re already sourcing from Asia, we can improve your results and reduce your overhead costs. Whether you outsource your entire process or just a portion, we can save you time, money and burden.

Complete Quality Assurance.

We deal exclusively with ISO 9002 and/or TS-16949 certified manufacturers. Our on-site quality engineers ensure product integrity and consistency at the factory. We pride ourselves on building a top quality program that will meet or exceed your standards.

Experience You Can Trust.

In recent years many companies have jumped into the sourcing business. But when it comes to Asian sourcing, success really does depend on “who you know.” With over 25 years of experience in China, living there, and maintaining office and factories ourselves, we have established a trusted network of manufacturing resources ready to meet any requirements.

How do you get started?

Just contact us and request a quote. You can reach us online, by phone, or by fax. We will listen to you, understand your needs, and suggest the best course of action to solve your problems and get you the parts and assemblies you need.