If you already work with overseas vendors, you know how much time it can take to manage the relationship, maintain quality and delivery, and deal with the unexpected. We can take a burden off your internal resources by managing all or part of the process.

  • Complete logistics management
    Let us handle your freight consolidation, regulatory issues, duties and licenses as well as warehousing and distribution questions.
  • Vendor management
    Engineers in our global offices will work with your vendor’s factory, helping to identify and solve the root causes of the problems. We can implement a quality improvement program, or manage your ongoing production, to deliver more predictable results.
  • Stateside warehousing
    We can accept your shipments, perform quality inspections, stock buffer inventory and provide JIT delivery from our warehouse facilities to anywhere in North America.
  • Shipping consolidation and sea freight services
    We can reduce your costs and improve delivery times by consolidating your shipments with other Global Sourcing Solutions shipments.

Global Point Sourcing Solutions also offers a variety of other logistical services including, but not limited to, kitting and packaging, inspection services, warehousing and VMI.  Let us know how we can help you when you call or email us.